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Professional recording and rehearsal studios in Huddersfield featuring:

Since 2012, Vibrations Studios, founded by Steve Longbottom, provides recording and music production, equipment hire, repairs, and custom cables.

control room

Professionally designed for optimal sound precision. Centred around a high-performance Midas mixing console and analogue preamps, it's the heart of our studio. With seamless connectivity to an isolated amp room, the control room also houses a variety of guitar amps so musicians can sculpt their perfect tone. Our vintage outboard equipment adds character and depth to every mix, ensuring exceptional sound quality for your projects.

live room (24m²)

Our largest and most versatile space for capturing dynamic performances. With ample room to accommodate full bands and small orchestras, it's designed to deliver exceptional sound quality. Studio 1 Live Room provides the perfect environment for artists to unleash their creativity and capture unforgettable recordings.

vocal booth

Meticulously crafted for premium sound isolation and control. Complete with headphone monitoring, industry-standard acoustic treatment, and line-of-sight into Studio 1 live room, it's the perfect opportunity for fully isolated group recording. With an integrated screen for real-time mix monitoring, our vocal booth ensures an unparalleled recording experience for artists seeking professional-grade sound quality.

LIVE room (24m²)

Dedicated 24-square-metre space designed as the optimal acoustic environment for bands. This studio offers a controlled environment to capture pristine audio recordings with minimal interference.

live room (18m²)

Versatile recording space with line-of-sight to Studio 1 live room and the vocal booth, it offers seamless collaboration and flexibility for multi-room recordings. Featuring adjustable acoustic treatment and a flexible layout, Studio 3 adapts to your creative needs. Plus, it boasts a Yamaha U1 recording piano, ensuring pristine sound quality for your compositions.