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 equipment hire 

We work to provide individually tailored PA systems for any event.

Having worked in the Live Sound industry for over 18 years, upon many different events, we understand the need for bespoke systems and don't have a 'one size fits all' approach. 

We can comfortably cater to all music genres, from folk and jazz artists to heavy metal and to all spoken word events such as corporate events, award nights and weddings. We've worked events such Unity Day (Leeds), Town Fest, Focus Fest, Wath Folk Festival, Halifax Festival of Words, Todmorden Folk Festival, Leeds Carnival and in many great venues like Millennium Sq Leeds, St Georges Sq Huddersfield, Magic Rock Tap, Huddersfield Town Hall, Hazlewood Castle, York Racecourse and many many more. 

Our PA systems and experienced engineers are available for private functions and pub gigs, and also large events and festivals.  

Below are some basic breakdowns to give you an idea as to the range of equipment that we provide.

There are so many options and variables regarding what you may need though so please email us with information regarding your event, we can guide you through an appropriate setup for your event and provide you an accurate quote. 


Basic PA

Basic Vocal PA systems for Small Events up to 100 people.

Ideal for small acoustic acts, Spoken word and parties. 

EV ZX3 90/EV SX300 Speakers

Behringer Europowered 10ch/Dynacord Powered Mixer

Speaker Stands

Speaker Cables


Additional add-ons:

18inch Powered Subs

Vocal Microphone, Stand & Cable

Monitor Wedge

Party Lights Package

Get in touch to discuss your event

Town Fest_edited.jpg

Medium Events

Medium Events usually range up to around 200 people.

Ideal for weddings, DJ's and corporate events. 

We stock both Martin Audio & Nexo PA Systems which we would spec to suit your event.


This size event would include an engineer along with all microphone stock, cabling and stands etc required.


Please get in touch to discuss your event with us.

Get in touch to discuss your event

St Georges Sq 1

LArge events

Large Events are for full band sound reinforcement.

We have a range of modular systems that can be scaled up to cover crowds as large as 10,000 people.

We pride ourselves on the highest quality sound reproduction.

Lighting and staging can also be provided upon request. 

It is difficult to quote without details of the event and so please do get in touch to discuss your needs and we'll try out best to spec accurately for your event.  

Get in touch to discuss your event

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