Vibration Studios offers services for all forms of vocal work including voiceover, audiobooks, showreels and podcasts.


Our knowledge and facilities are designed to assist in producing a high quality product.

All bookings include an engineer as well as mixing and editing being provided during the session.

The studio offers both live rooms and a vocal booth depending on your recording project. All projects are recorded using Pro Tools 11. We have a wide range of high quality industry standard mic-pre's and microphones, each suited to a variety of vocal recordings. This includes; a pair of AKG 414s, SE Gemini and Neumann TLM103.  

Examples of work shown below, get in touch for more details.

Audio Books

With audiobooks increasing in popularity through sites such as Audible and Kobo, high quality vocal audio is essential. Vibrations provides an acoustically treated environment designed to produce clean and clear audio. One of our dedicated team of engineers will be on-hand to pick out the best equipment tailored for your vocals and work through your various takes for a professional product .

Voice overs

Whether you are just starting or an experienced voiceover artist, Vibrations is a highly accessible environment for recording all forms of voiceover work. With a soundproofed vocal booth and a selection of larger live rooms, we can capture clear audio for any project. Our studios also allow for immediate feedback with an on-hand engineer.


If you are just getting started as a voiceover artist or professional singer then showreels are a great way of showcasing your talents. Vibrations provides the microphones, the studio and engineers all focused on helping you create a great product that will make you stand out.

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Audio Examples

NCETM - Podcast
Nicky Pattinson - Podcast
American Airmen - Holmfirth Writers Group
Grief - Holmfirth Writers Group
Cricket Calypso Spoken Word - Mick


In recent times, podcasts have become the new standout form of entertainment. With that being the case, having a comfortable recording environment is essential in creating a standout podcast. Vibrations offers this and more with its three state of the art live rooms.