We have 3 rooms available all are fully acoustically treated to ensure optimum sound and soundproofed to a professional standard. Studio 1 and Studio 2 are the larger rooms and Studio 3 is slightly smaller, although still big enough for most bands. Check out the pictures at the bottom of the page to decide which Studio you would like.

The price for the rehearsal space is £8 per hour.

All rooms come with large PA Systems and mics as standard and full backline can also be provided at an additional cost of £5 per session.


Free tea, coffee and wifi for our customers! Available for sale are guitar strings, drum sticks, plectrums and 9v batterys for spares.

Please use the calendars below to check availability then the booking forms below to book your desired time, or  call 07540 261472

Due to current COVID-19 Guidelines we've measured up our studios and set a limit on the amount of people per space, please bear this in mind when making your booking. 

Studio 1 - Max 5 People

Studio 2 - Max 6 People

Studio 3 - Max 4 People

COVID-19 UPDATE 31st July 2020


In regards to the new Lockdown announcements that the government has made its hard to see where we sit as a business as the guidelines are very unclear. The measures seem to be aimed at socialising, which is what a lot of band rehearsals can be for people, yet there are musicians out there who rely on music to earn a living or a good percentage of and therefore for those individuals it’s important that they can still work. Vibrations will remain open to musicians, recording artists and music teachers alike so long as they follow the social distancing guidelines which we have put in place to ensure the stopping of the spread COVID-19. We advise that anybody booking rehearsals for socialising with friends to please remain at home or get in touch to cancel their bookings previously made, (don’t worry if you have a regular slot with us it will be here waiting for you after lockdown has been eased). 

This will help us to manage the building so that the people who need it most can use it safely. 

If you have any queries please feel free to get in touch. 

PRICES: £8 per hour for rehearsal.
£5 per session for any combination of backline.
We have a selection of high quality backline available on request including drum kits, guitar amps and bass amps. 
(Cymbals also available for an additional £5 a session)

(For example 2 hours with backline is: £8x2 + £5 = £21)

We also have locker storage available for your own backline if you require,

£20pcm for a small locker or £30pcm for a large locker.

Please enquire for availability.

Please use the booking forms to make a booking or call on 07540 261472