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High quality, professional recording, mixing and mastering

Vibrations has multiple individually designed, high spec, acoustically treated studios along with a separate control room and vocal booth ready to record everything from single vocal tracks, to a full band.


All tracks recorded with us can be mixed and mastered in house, we also offer these services for pre-recorded stems.


Recording sessions cost £36 per hour (inc VAT)

This includes an engineer.

 RECORDING services 

Our passion is making great sounding recordings

At Vibrations, we offer a range of recording services, ensuring that solo artists, full bands, voice artists, podcasters and more have access to the best possible recording quality. Throughout the years we’ve had the pleasure of working with great artists such as Extra Curricular, Postculture, Ben Crosland, Top Hats, Pretty Little Something, Midnight Architects, Zero and the No No's, Flat Moon, Solstice and many more!

If you would like to have a look around our facilities, or have a chat with one of our engineers about your project, just get in touch. 


Vibrations has a range of guitar and bass amplifiers, professional microphones, drum kits and more to help bring your vision to life.

​The studio runs a Pro Tools 12 DAW along with a Midas Digital Console and a selection of outboard gear.

Click this link to download our full gear list

Vocal Production

We love all forms of vocal work including voiceover, audiobooks, showreels and podcasts. We have large live studio spaces and a dedicated vocal booth depending on what would suit your project.

We've worked with BBC Radio, TV and radio Ad's and  have multiple book series on audible. 


Vibrations offers you the chance to use our array of amps and cabs to get you that specific tone for your next project.


Send us your DI guitar tracks and we’ll do the hard work!


Ready to
book a session?

If you’re ready to book a recording or rehearsal session, or to book your equipment hire, follow the links below. For any other enquiries, please fill out the form below, or give us a call on 07540 261472

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