Our passion is to help musicians make awesome sounding recordings.
All recording rates include an engineer.


£20 (Engineer incl.)

Our standard rate for studio work is £20 per hour, but if you can get here off peak weekdays between 10am and 5pm we  can do discount rates of £18 on all vocal work and any overdubs etc. Get in touch if have a big project as we may be able to offer you some bulk discounts! 


Call for a Quote

If you've had your tracks recorded elsewhere or in a home setup and need help mixing your tracks, send us a message and we'll try our best to help you out. Obviously every project is different and so get in touch for an accurate quote. 


Call or Email for Quote

If you need a PA system for an event, big or small, we can give you an accurate competitive price. Our systems generally go out on hire with an engineer present to make sure your event runs smoothly and you get nothing other than the best sound. Just email us with as many details as you can for an accurate quote.


£8 per hour

If you just need a place to practice, check out the rehearsals page to see if there's a slot available for you. All sessions come with large PA and vocal mics included in the price, if you require any combination of Backline (guitar amps, drum kit etc) we charge just £5 per session for any combination of gear.