07 // The Tall Trees Recording Session...

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Recording session with heavy rock band laying down some beefy tones!

Another exciting band came into the studio and recorded two great tracks! All were very talented and constantly provided great takes during the day. They always wanted to keep going to get 'the' take! It really was a great day of making some heavy and exciting music. Take a look below of what we got up to in the session.

My good old combination for the snare. Condenser and dynamic combo for an all-round tone and allows more options when mixing! Microphones used for snare were Shure SM57 BetaRode NT5

DI Bass Guitar into our all-in-one box the Little Labs Redeye DI Active Box.

I double-tracked both Ben and James's guitar parts. One being more distorted and the other a more clean tone when push crunches up.

I recorded Ben using the Shure SM7B microphone for his vocals. Since it is a dynamic microphone with a moving coiling which can handle a lot more SPL's compared to a more sensitive condenser microphone. The microphone also is a common feature in TV and broadcasting services. It worked great for Ben's intense and high energy performance. It captured some nice clear vocal performance without distorting the signal from loud inputs!

This was a brief guide from The Tall Trees recording day but do have a click-through their Facebook for more info on upcoming gigs! Facebook - Have a listen also to their first single Loaded Gun recorded in this session. Cheers, Dan AKA Morgs.

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