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Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Hello all,

Some of you may have seen me around at Vibrations Studios and a lucky few have recorded with me. My name is Dan (studio nickname is Morgs) and since writing this I will have worked at the studio for 1, nearly 2 years. When I think back to my first days here, I didn't fully realise the variety of tasks that go into running a busy recording studio, including making a good brew in the morning before a long recording session! (The fuel to keep our engineers and musicians going!)

Over the past couple of years at Vibrations, I’ve realised how much great work I have been involved in and how quickly it has flown by! I remember making a list of the recording work and live sound engineering gigs I've worked on over the years'; looking over it thinking ‘did that really happen in such a short space of time?!

My background has been more focused on indie, jazz and classical genres of music, due to me playing both guitar and piano. In terms of me as an engineer/producer, I tend to focus on the songs arrangement and structure;

"Does this need to drop out to just bass and drums"?

"Can this solo be even more erratic going into the chorus"?

"Does the vocal want to be double tracked here and not there"?

"Can there be any more cowbell"? (apologies...).

I've always taken the opportunity to listen to the track for the band with a fresh pair of ears. Since the band have decided the structure and layout of the songs usually in rehearsals, I always want to add even more excitement as if I was another member of the band, personally making the song(s) sound as exciting as they can be for audiences to enjoy.

Basically, If we are not enjoying it, why would audiences?

I've worked with a range of acts, starting with Huddersfield indie rock band High Line to Rap Artist Joel Simmy. They have all allowed me to sample a range of genres of music and build my understanding of their sonic characteristics, including what audiences of each genre would expect.

Some more in-your-face and heavy, and others more organic with little compression and EQ.

I'll leave a few examples below so please do check out these bands as they're all sound people, and of course very talented!

Various recordings, events and crazy weather (Beast from the east!) at Vibes when I started.

By this point, I feel I need to keep track of all the great work that comes through the door at Vibes. From Jazz to Reggae, Rock to Pop, Rap to Metal, you really don’t know what the next project will be. My hope is that this blog will simply be a stream of consciousness of thoughts on gear, new music discoveries, or just my day to day life at Vibes HQ. You may even learn a thing or two about what goes on behind the scenes!

At some point in the future, I can look back at my ramblings and see how much Vibrations Studios has developed and changed. But, more importantly, I will be able to see how far I've come in my brew making abilities!


Dan AKA Morgs.

Check out my personal Instagram page for general studio day to day life and below average photography of studio gear - @Dandrinksribena

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